Best Nic Salt Juice

Vape users worldwide are leaving behind the old monotonous ways of enjoying vaping and are going crazy after the nicotine salt e-juices. Now that the vaping industry is growing into a bigger giant than it already was, vapers are expecting more advanced devices and liquids that can enhance their enjoyment. That is why the popularity of nicotine salt e-liquids spread like wildfire among the most aspiring vapers.

Before we start talking about the best nicotine salt juices in towns, don’t you want to know what they exactly are? Continue reading, if you do.

What are nicotine salt juices?

The people who transition from chain-smoking to vaping, claim that nic salt juices give the same throat-hit that cigarettes do. That helps them in quitting excessive cigarette smoking once and for all. Nicotine salt e-juices are different from other e-liquids because they do not contain freebase nicotine. The presence of freebase nicotine in many vape juices ruins the experience for many, especially for those who are cigarette smokers

Nicotine salt e-liquids offer the desired smooth and potent throat-hit, without providing a higher dose of nicotine. The key-player in generating such a feeling is the lowered pH of nicotine that makes the vaper experience a more distinctive and striking hit.

What are the best nicotine salt juices?

Below is a list of the best nicotine salt e-liquids in Pakistan that you need to get your hands on right now if you have an undying love for vaping.

1)   Iced purple bomb – VGOD saltnic:

The fruit grapes have been used in the manufacture of many products like wines and jams. Now, they are taking the vaping world by the storm. Grapes flavoured vape juices belong to the top favourite e-liquids among beginners as well as professional vapers. This salt nic e-juice has a profound sweet and sour texture that generates a satisfying throat-hit for the vaper.

2)   Freak out and vape salt – coffee, bourbon, and tobacco:

Desert flavoured vape juices make it to the top when we talk about the most sought after e-liquid flavours in the world. The sweet and bitter combination of such e-juices takes the vaping experience to the next level. This nicotine salt juice is a mixture of striking coffee, sweet bourbon, and bitter tobacco. If you’re a professional and can handle an unforgettable and robust throat-hit, this flavour is for you!

3)   Ice banana – salt plus – BLVK unicorn:

Who doesn’t like a banana in their milkshakes, puddings, custards, and well in about everything else? Banana flavoured vape juice is quite famous among young vapers and those that enjoy a subtle yet powerful throat-hit. This nicotine salt e-liquid offers a candy-like flavour with a cooled after-taste that feels like heaven for a true vaper!

4)   Mint – NKD 100 salt e-liquid:

In the vape industry, the flavour mint is all the rage! Salt nicotine e-juices were the first ones to gain fame among the vapers. The mint – NKD 100 salt e-liquid is a flavour that is not for everyone, but the true crazy vape lovers. The refreshing menthol flavour and the icy cold after-feel will add the right buzz into your vaping experience!

In case you have not tried these phenomenal salt nic e-juice, do not wait for a second and buy yourself some of the mentioned nic salt juices! You will never look back to old vaping customs ever again!

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