How To Fix Your Vape Pen Battery

It is such a heartbreak when you realize your vape pen is not hitting you the way it should, but much worse is the feeling when you notice that your vape pen is not charging at all. If we were existing in a perfect world, vape pens would run smoothly forever, without exploding, running out of charge, and never stop working. But unfortunately, in the real world, all these things are inevitable.

Vape pens and their batteries can easily get impaired if you use them continuously, irresponsibly, and with an irrational attitude. However, new and modern technology in the vaping world is responsible for the increasing popularity of vape pens or as the cool kids say it “e-cigarettes” among youngsters and the old. With this sort of fame, awareness relating to vape handling, battery safety and tips is crucial.

If you are a vape owner and suddenly, the battery is dying fast or the cloud formation is not as great as it was, it means your battery needs a repair. Before we get into that, let’s have a look at what a vape pen battery is.

Vape pen batteries:

Vape pens and e-cigarettes are powered with the help of small batteries. These batteries might be small, but without them, your vape is unable to convert e-liquid into vapour. Hence, a vape is good for nothing without a battery. Vape batteries come in all shapes and sizes. However, the bigger the battery, the better and longer is the lifespan of your vape. Vape batteries are made up of lithium-ions, which is why they are exceptionally durable, strong, and long-lasting.

Just like any other electron device, vape pen batteries can stop working due to many reasons. But don’t worry. You can easily fix your e-cigarette battery by following the guide below.

How to fix your vape pen batteries – the ultimate guide:

  1. The simplest trick that can immediately get your vape pen back to charging is switching it off for a while and then switching it on. In most cases, if there are no internal damages, this works like magic.
  2. One of the most common reasons why your vape pen battery is not working is because of dirt accumulation. Small dust particles and fluff can hinder the functionality of the battery. What you can do is get a damp cloth and carefully clean the surface. You can also make use of an alcohol wipe to wipe any sort of fluff present inside the battery.
  3. A vape pen battery might also stop working if the cartridge thread or the connection plate present inside the battery needs adjustment. The connection plate is responsible for transferring power from the charger to your battery. Hence, if it is misplaced in some way, your battery will stop charging. Gently probe the connection plate with a paperclip and start adjusting it until you see the battery is charging, and your problem will be solved in minutes!
  4. Additionally, another general reason that can explain why the vape pen battery is not working, is an unclean clearomizer. When a clearomizer has some dust particles stuck in it or around it, it fails to establish a connection with the battery. You can solve this problem by gently cleaning the clearomizer with a cotton bud, and your vape will start working immediately!

Try all of these tips and one of them will surely work out for your vape. Also, if you don’t ever want to face such troubles, you can get your hands on some quality vape pens for sale at E-lite cigs!


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