As fun as the vaping world sounds like, it can land you in great trouble if you’re not careful. The battery explosion accidents that have been rounding the social media for quite a while, are evidence that vapes are not toys. Whenever you’re dealing with vapes, you need to be mindful of how you’re handling them.

Vape batteries are made up of lithium-ion chemistries that are also used in laptops, tablets, and similar gadgets. They are known for the power they generate and their impressive reliability. Just like any other electronic device, they are prone to explosions and other fire accidents.

The reason why vape battery explosion accidents are increasing day by day is that vapers are using batteries that are not “manufacturer-approved”. With the growth in the vaping industry, a new trend of using customized batteries for bigger vape clouds and heavier throat-hit is taking up the pace. Beginners that are just new to vaping get carried away and use vapes carelessly.

However, if you take the following precautions, you can enjoy vaping without worrying about any unfortunate accidents happening.

1)  Purchase a quality vape:

One of the reasons batteries explode is because people prefer buying cheaper vapes, and this results in neglecting the quality. If you want to vape safely, make sure that you invest in a good quality vape.

2)  Buy a good charger:

Batteries that are charged with poor quality chargers are more at risk when it comes to fire explosions. Instead of worrying about buying a cheap charger, you should go for a charger that is fast and efficient.

3)  Get a battery case:

When you’re travelling, it is important to carry an extra transportation bag where you can safely keep your batteries. If batteries come in contact with metallic material like keys and coins, a dangerous explosion can occur that could be hazardous for you and the environment.

4)  Be mindful of the weather:

Many people don’t know that, but batteries are prone to damage when the outer temperature is fluctuating. Extremely cold and hot temperatures can cause a circuit-impair in the battery, and that can lead to dangerous explosions. Hence, when the weather is not favourable for vaping outside, avoid doing it!

5)  Don’t increase the discharge rate of your vape battery:

Vape batteries run on Ohm’s law. If you don’t understand how it works, there are high chances you’ll mess up the battery of your vape. Take the amps, which is the discharge rate and divide it by the voltage of your coil, and make sure that you don’t exceed the rating that you get.

6)  Avoid placing your vape on combustible surfaces:

Just like any other battery, vape batteries are sensitive to flames. Make sure that the place where you charge and keep your battery is not flammable. Moreover, try to minimize direct contact of sunlight with your vape. By placing your vape in your car or on the windowsill, you will damage the battery’s lifespan and quality greatly.

To enjoy your vape for a longer time, you must follow all the dos and don’ts mentioned above!

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